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acsam clinic

ACSAM Clinic

Alex Chang Shiatsu Acupuncture Massage Clinic


Shiatsu Massage Therapy

Shiatsu is a Japanese term, which means finger pressure.  At the ASCAM Clinic, we offer Meridian Shiatsu, which uses the meridian theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine introduced to Japan from China.  During the treatment, the therapist uses finger and thumbs to stimulate pressure points located along meridians in the body.  The goal being to release energy in areas of the body where it may be blocked and to bring energy back to areas where it has been depleted.

The body's natural abilities are aided through the usage of Shiatsu acupressure techniques to specific areas of the body along meridians.  Shiatsu massage can significantly improve health by relieving stress.  By calming and appropriately stimulating the nervous system as well as the immunie system, therapy can reduce body pain, tension, insomnia, digestive upsets, back pain, headaches, reproductive essentials and more.

During treatments, the therapist uses bare hands on a clothed client, as pressure points are activated and treated as opposed to treatments that require oils or powders. In addition to applying pressure, shiatsu practitioners may manipulate the soft tissue over and around meridians, and perform passive and active stretching exercises as part of treatment.

Long-term treatment has led to postural as well as behavioural correction of imbalance.  The expected outcome is to prevent or cure illness by invigorating the body's natural powers of healing.  At the ASCAM, Shiatsu treatments can be performed alone or in conjunction with acupuncture and other massage techniques.  Clients will feel a sense of relaxation and stress relief during a session, followed by increased energy.


Before and After Shiatsu Massage Therapy

What to do before a shiatsu treatment:

• Wear loose comfortable clothing
• Remove all jewellery
• Do not eat right before your treatment

What to do after a shiatsu treatment:

• Avoid strenuous activity for the remainder of the day
• Drink plenty of water to help flush the released toxins out of your body
• Soak in a hot tub with Epsom salts if experiencing muscle ache